busy3We all get busy with all the important (and unimportant) things we have to do in our lives as teachers, I get that. But I find it hard to believe that my last “Delicious Highlights” post was January 12.

I follow others in my PLN (personal learning network) who share their favorite sites and links weekly – but my goal was not as ambitious. Once a month was my hope. And here we are three and a half months later…

That being said, I am excited to share 10 of my favorite links from over 90 of my Delicious bookmarks since 1.12.11.

Summer Resources for Continued Success (April 25) – an amazing list of fun and educational online destinations for teachers and students recommended by Rushton Hurley.

Science of Everyday Life (April 25) – a fabulous site from Discovery Education, with strategy games for students, authentic resources for teachers and activities for families. Recommended by TeachersFirst.com.

Knoword (April 25) – is a fun and challenging vocabulary game where the definition and first letter of the word is provided as a prompt, and you type in the rest of the word. Very addicting…

Primary Preoccupation / Thoughts of a First Grade Teacher (April 16) – whenever early primary teachers ask me for an example of teachers using 21st century skills with young children, I always point them to Kathy Cassidy, a first grade teacher from Canada. This is her blog.

HOTTS /Higher Order Thinking Technology Skills (April 16) – by Kevin Creutz, an assistant principal. “Examining the verbs and activities in Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy can help our classrooms become student-centered, 21st century learning environments.”

Flubaroo (April 9) – a Google Docs script that lets you create self-grading quizes! Save time by letting technology work for you.

The Educators PLN / The Personal Learning Network for Educators Video Page (March 28) – get connected with other educators and become that “model learner” you need to be for your students. Don’t miss the Alan November video from the TEDxNYED conference on March 5, 2011.

18 Best Sites to Download Free Audio Books (March 20) – the title says it all…

Joliprint (February 21) – the best application I have found for printing out web pages. Joliprint creates a cleanly formatted pdf document for you to download and print. A quick, easy and FREE solution.

53 (and counting) Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom (January 13) – if you have been wondering how the iPad might be useful in a classroom setting, check out this Google Docs presentation by Tom Barrett.

Enjoy! And please remember to share your experiences with these and other great resources with your fellow teachers and staff.

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