It has been just about a week since I shared my short presentation with my fellow educators at Sauganash School in Chicago. Since Delicious was one of the two tools I shared, I want to give you an update of bookmarks that I have added to my account since last Wednesday.

Of the 24 new bookmarks, here are 8 which demonstrate the range of sites, articles and tools that have been collected.

30 Sep 2011 | – great source for finding recommended apps (iPad and more…)

30 Sep 2011 | 10 Awesome Apps for Learning about Music, Nature, History and Math

03 Oct 2011 | Minigroup – simple sharing for groups

04 Oct 2011 | Shapescape – a new geometry game for grades 1-6

04 Oct 2011 | Web Tools That Every Educator Should Have in the Bag

04 Oct 2011 | Skype in the Classroom – with new improvements for global communication

04 Oct 2011 | 40 Amazing iPad Apps for the Learning Disabled

04 Oct 2011 | Brilliant Implementation of the iPad – from November Learning

To view all 24 new additions, click here.

One More Thing
I did add another great article to the Teachers Reading Corner on our Sauganash workshop page. Check out Not Just The Facts, Ma’am to read Karl Fisch’s recount of a recent school assignment his daughter brought home…

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