Since I missed the opportunity to post some Delicious highlights in November, this month’s list runs a little long. But I promise you that they are all great finds – with lots of iPad resources and recommendations.

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Here are my top 10 picks (of 100+ bookmarks) since October 4:

October 5 | StarBoard Video Tutorials
10 video tutorials for StarBoard Software 9.2 plus “11 new Features” video for Version 9.3.

October 19 | Digital Storytelling Resources
Very comprehensive list from Dr. Alec Couros.

November 2 | Ten Steps to Transforming Past Lessons for 21st Century Learners
“Many times these perennial gems can be reinvented, mixed, and transformed to bring about a new 21st century lesson that will be even more engaging and applicable to today’s digital learner.”

November 7 | 65+ iPad Apps Perfect for Elementary School
From Edudemic.

November 7 | 100 iPad Apps Perfect for Middle School
Second in a series from Edudemic.

November 22 | Digital Storytelling with the iPad
“This site will help guide you in what you need for success in the iPad Digital Storytelling classroom.”

November 22 | The Eyeballing Game
“This interactive was intended for woodworkers but works very well in Geometry class. The activity works by showing you a series of geometric figures that need to be adjusted a bit to make them correct.”

November 23 | Using iPads in the Classroom
How to use the iPads to help students learn better and help teachers teach better – lots of great app recommendations, too. An Edutopia article.

November 24 | World Topographic Map
Google Maps are cool, but I found this map extremely easy to use to find longitude/latitude, distance and area.

December 14 – Maths – Shape, space & measures
Great math review for students age 7-11 from BBC Learning. Very interactive and fun! Be sure to check out the other subject areas, too.


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