Maybe this post should have been titled, “Gone Fishin’.”

Weather in the Chicago area has been absolutely wonderful this week. High temperatures around 70, windows open at home, my famous Asian turkey burgers on the grill – life is good!

It is energizing, don’t you agree?

But I have been struggling at school lately as I try to figure out what teachers want and how I can help them integrate more 21st century learning into their classrooms. I know, I know – “it’s not the technology, it’s the pedagogy.” But I’m reminded that although time is a big issue (in every school), maybe the culprit is the basic lack of desire to spend the time to learn new ways of engaging students.

Don’t get me wrong – I have some teachers who are anxious to try new ideas and are excited to jump in and try out some of the lessons and tools that I introduce. But what makes them different? Easy. They simply feel that it is important enough, and that our students are important enough, to spend the time on – just like the other things in life we choose to pursue.

Reflecting on this issue made me think of blog post by leadership guru Dr. Scott McLeod, “We Can’t Let Educators Off The Hook” which I promptly pulled up and read again. Though written September 29, 2010, it is as relevant today as it was in 2010.

One of my favorite ed tech leaders Steve Dembo is quoted as well as Darren Draper, another highly respected educator. Dr. McLeod weaves these thoughts into a powerful and persuasive argument.

There are too many good points to quote here, so click here to read “We Can’t Let Educators Off The Hook.” Oh yeah, there’s 144 comments to the post, too…


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