Part of my job this year as our school’s technology coach is to be the iPad Program Facilitator. Just a somewhat fancy title for the guy who keeps the iPads up-to-date, helps teachers become familiar with the devices and strives to inspire teachers and students to use the iPads in new and creative ways.

Today as three girls from fourth grade stopped by to check out some iPads, one of the more verbal and social girls asks me, “How’s your day goin’?” I thought for a moment and said, “Great. How’s it going for you?”

She gave a shrug and a less-than-excited “Eh, it’s okay.” Seizing the opportunity to find out more about what she’s really thinking, I gave a bewildered look of surprise and asked, “Isn’t school exciting?” She quickly replied with a firm and convincing, “No!” but immediately exclaimed, “But, I love my teacher.”

And then she delivered the kicker. “It’s school. What do you expect?”

I thought for a moment and suggested that this topic would be worth discussing further. Her mind was already ahead of me as she recalls, “In Kindergarten, I thought school was lollipops!”

And they were off.

Hmmm… lots to ponder.


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